March 07, 2018


The Benefits of Orthodontic Care

By improving your smile, an enhanced appearance will can boost the confidence that you have in yourself. This provides you with benefits that are both social and psychological. This is especially important for teenagers, where acceptance from peer plays an important part in development. While these benefits might only seem cosmetic on the surface, in reality they have benefits in personal and business life.

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February 02, 2018


TePe in Clinicians Report "The BEST Products 2018"

TePe has once again been mentioned in the renowned Clinicians Report by Dr. Gordon Christensen. This time around TePe´s Interdental Brushes were presented in the issue called ´´Best Products for 2018´´. View full article →
January 12, 2018


TePe Interdental Brushes have been chosen "The Best Products for 2018"

We are excited to announce that TePe Interdental Bruushes have been chosen "The Best Products for 2018" by the independent Gordon J. Christensen, Clinicians Report! The report concludes that 87% of 30 CR Evaluators stated they would incorporate TePe Interdental Brushes into their practice. View full article →
January 11, 2018

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Knowledge Impacts the Quality of Cleaning

Finding an upper limit of what might be achievable by patients: oral cleanliness in dental professionals after self-performed manual oral hygiene. Deinzer R et al. What can we expect from our patients when it comes to self-performed oral hygiene? View full article →
November 08, 2017


Dental Implant Maintenance

As dental clinicians, how does one choose from among the many options available which dental implant maintenance techniques to use and what evidence-based research to believe? Likewise, which is the best protocol for implant therapy? Michelle Strange, RDH, MSDH, explains how she sorts through the enormous amounts of information. 

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March 29, 2017


5 Routine Things We Do in the Dental Profession That Do Not Make Sense

As dental professionals, most of the work we do as a matter of routine may be considered insane. For example, we work in a small dark area all day; we are constantly told that patients would rather be other places;  and we are members of one of the most feared professions. View full article →
September 08, 2016


You Have a Medical Disease of the Mouth

I like to joke with my patients by saying, “I don’t know if you know this, but your mouth is actually connected to your body”. Because dentistry and medicine don’t always cross paths, we can forget that what happens in the body can manifest signs and symptoms in the mouth. View full article →
August 11, 2016


Patient-Centered Care

I had a recent discussion with a dentist about building trusting relationships in your practice by ensuring we’re recommending the best for our patients. This means offering the best care, using the best materials, and recommending the best products that are tailored to treat a patient’s unique needs. View full article →
August 04, 2016


British Society of Periodontology Statement on Flossing

August, 2016: PRESS RELEASE: “Daily cleaning between your teeth using special interdental brushes is essential for treating and preventing gum disease." View full article →
July 27, 2016


Success or Survival?

Dental implants have become a part of everyday dentistry within the U.S. placing upwards of 1 million implants a year. The ability to give patients a viable option for missing teeth is incredible. However, we as clinicians need to make sure that the procedure is going to yield a positive outcome with long-term success. View full article →