July 27, 2016


Success or Survival?

Dental implants have become a part of everyday dentistry within the U.S. placing upwards of 1 million implants a year. The ability to give patients a viable option for missing teeth is incredible. However, we as clinicians need to make sure that the procedure is going to yield a positive outcome with long-term success. View full article →
June 21, 2016


Do we Know Why Patients Don’t Comply?

I was just reading an interesting article about compliance. Lack of compliance is one of the biggest enemies we fight in our profession. How do we get our patients to actually perform our recommendations? First, we need to understand why they don’t always comply. View full article →
April 28, 2016


But I'm Too Tired to Clean my Teeth at Night!

As a dental hygienist, I hear this a lot. Brushing before bedtime is crucial because an accumulation of disease causing bacteria won’t be sitting on your teeth all night. View full article →
March 16, 2016


Access Health: Our Teeth and Bones

Being a dental hygienist doesn’t typically get you a behind the scenes look at the world of television. Yet, I was lucky enough to get invited to Access Health as a dental correspondent. This show airs on the Lifetime Network and explores cutting-edge developments and innovations in medicine, nutrition, and fitness. View full article →
February 29, 2016

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The Tongue Test

The tongue may be difficult to work around for a hygienist, but it can be a great asset to help patients improve their brushing skills. View full article →
February 04, 2016


National Children’s Dental Health Month: Waging the War on Sugar

Kids love sugar and sugar is found in almost everything we consume. Help wage the war on sugar this National Children's Dental Health Month! View full article →
January 05, 2016


Could your Hygienist Save you Money?

Dental visits can go many different ways. If you have history with and enjoy your hygienist, you will probably chat and catch up on life. If they are new to you, you may critique him or her, comparing them to the last dental hygienist. View full article →
December 14, 2015


How to Size your TePe Interdental Brushes

A helpful explanation on how to size your TePe interdental brushes for your patients based on their embrasure spaces. View full article →
November 11, 2015


What's the Deal with Xerostomia?

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, affects many people for many reasons. Once you understand the reason for your dry mouth, there are several ways to tackle the problem. View full article →
October 28, 2015


A Hygienist's Nightmare: The Media says "Goodbye" to Flossing

Ahhh, the media. It can help us educate our patients or it can really make our jobs much harder. Many of you may have seen the Daily Mail’s article or the Today Show’s segment (see below) on the demise of the need to floss. View full article →