Interdental Brush Original (Variety Pack)



The TePe Variety Pack: 

The Original range of TePe's Interdental Brushes comprise of nine color-coded sizes to fit narrow and wider interdental spaces. All brushes have a plastic coated wire for safety and comfort. The user friendly handle offers a stable grip which enables cleaning with controlled movements. The plastic cap can be used for hygienic protection of the brush or to extend the handle.

TePe believes that your dental professional should guide you with the sizing of interdental brushes.  You are welcome to take this variety pack with you to your next dental appointment. If you do not have a dental office, here is a guide to get you started.


Sizing Information:

  • Start with the smallest pink size and then work your way up until you feel the bristles engage the tooth surface and the gum tissue.
  • If you feel the wire touch the tooth or the gums, choose a smaller size.
  • Do not force the brush between the teeth.  If the pink is too large and the wire is touching the sides of the teeth, you may be a better candidate for dental floss like the TePe mini flossers.
  • Many people need 2-3 sizes to fit all the spaces between the teeth
  • Do not chose one that is too small.  The bristles should sweep between the teeth to disrupt as much of the sticky plaque that causes dental disease. 

Helpful Tips:

  • If you are using interdental brushes for the first time, you may find it difficult to insert the brush properly.  Do not insert the brush straight into the gum tissues. 
  • Using a slight “jiggle” or “shimmy” motion when first inserting the brush helps to guide it between the teeth
  • Move the interdental brush the full length of the brush back and forth 2-3 times. 
  • Use the brush at least one time a day.
  • Chang the brush when the bristles look worn and no longer fluff out 
  • Rinse the brush and allow to dry completely between uses
  • Each brush will wear differently.  The more you use the brush, the better you will get at inserting it so that it will last longer.
  • If you have trouble reaching the back teeth, try the Angle line from TePe.

Once you have found the size(s) that fits between your teeth, you will not need to order the variety pack again. TePe Original interdental brushes come in a 6 pack or 25 pack and is available for subscription.  


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