How to Properly Care for & Clean your Braces

Tips for caring for your braces

  • Develop routines, as schedules continually change during each season.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste to make your teeth stronger.
  • Use a mouthwash with fluoride, if possible after a snack or lunch, to help strengthen the teeth.
  • When first getting the orthodontic appliance, serve soft food.
  • Prepare a travel case with an extra set of oral hygiene products to bring to school or work.
  • Stock up with orthodontic wax to prevent mouth irritations from sharp edges.
  • If a child has an orthodontic appliance or braces, a caregiver should assist with cleaning until they are old enough to do it themselves—usually around 8-10 years old.
  • Remember that you’re wearing braces for a limited time – make the best of it and keep your target image in mind when things get tough.

4 Step Routine for orthodontic care.

  1. Start by rinsing your mouth with water to loosen food debris that has been trapped around the orthodontic appliances(s). Another option is using an oral irrigator.
  2. Plaque must be removed from any hooks, bands, brackets, wires, or any other appliances you may have in your mouth. If you have braces, brush above, below, and the top of the brackets.
  3. Plaque needs to be removed from the 5 surfaces of the tooth: the cheek side, tongue side, chewing surfaces, and between the teeth. Brush along the gum line at a 45-degree angle and for at least 2 minutes.
  4. Clean between the teeth at least once daily, preferably in the evening.

TePe Products Designed for Orthodontic Care


  • Tepe EasyPick: Easy interdental cleaning under the wire or the retainer. Comes with a travel case for on-the-go use.


  • TePe Compact Tuft: The rounded tuft is suitable for cleaning around brackets and along the gum line. Great for cleaning attachments used for removable aligners.

  • TePe Universal Care: The angled neck facilitates cleaning of lingual orthodontic appliances, like brackets or permanent retainers.

  • TePe Interspace: The tapered brush tip is ideal for cleaning around brackets and under wires.

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