Cleaning your orthodontic appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliances increase the number of sites where plaque can accumulate. Maintaining a high standard of plaque control is essential to reduce risk of cavities and gum disease.  


TePe Orthodontic Products

When deciding what is the best hygiene tool to clean your orthodontic appliance, you must evaluate and consider what you are trying to clean, the amount of hand dexterity you have, the technical difficulty of the task, the ease of use of the device, and your motivation to complete the task. TePe believes these products can help you remove plaque from around your braces as well as from your teeth.


  • TePe Supreme: The toothbrush with bristles in two levels facilitates access around orthodontic appliances.
  • TePe Implant Orthodontic Brush: extra slim brush head enables cleaning around brackets and wires.

  • TePe Interspace: The tapered brush tip is ideal for cleaning around brackets and under wires.

  • TePe Compact Tuft: The rounded tuft is suitable for cleaning around brackets and along the gum line. Great for cleaning attachments for removable aligners.

  • TePe Interdental Brushes: Suitable for cleaning under the wire and for interdental cleaning under the retainer.


TePe wants to help ensure a healthy smile for life!

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