Where do I Start when Learning How to Clean my Orthodontic Braces?

With all the new hardware in your mouth, you have likely noticed that there are many places for food and plaque to get caught. Cleaning your teeth will now take more than a toothbrush to clean around the orthodontic brackets and wires. This makes it even more important to use the home care products that are meant to clean around all those new nooks and crannies.
Here is a List of Products to get you started around your new Orthodontic brackets:
1. Toothbrush: Ideally you would like a toothbrush that has a smaller head - maybe even a compact head - and bristles that are soft and able to reach around brackets even in the back of your mouth. For instance, the TePe Supreme Toothbrush has two levels of bristles. A tapered, feather-like top layer and a more compact second layer to help reach past the brackets to clean the teeth and gums, as well as, the bracket.  
TePe Supreme™
2. Retraction and Protection tool: With brackets and wires, you can develop little cuts or ulcers in your cheeks. When your mouth is sore, it can be difficult to clean your mouth thoroughly. There are a few products that will help you pull your cheek away from the brackets. This will help to see better and access those very back teeth and brackets, and it will act as a barrier if you have any cuts in your cheek. It will hover and protect mouth wounds and sores so patients can brush without pain.
3. Specialty Brush: There are an array of brushes that help to clean particular areas in your mouth. Every person will be different and may need one or two of these Special Brushes. For instance, the TePe Implant/ Orthodontic Brush was designed to be very narrow. The two-row design helps to clean above and below the ortho bracket. When the brackets sit close to the gum tissue, a toothbrush - even a compact toothbrush - can still be too large to clean this area. The Implant/ Orthodontic Brush can reach into this narrow area and better clean around the brackets.
TePe Implant/Orthodontic Brush
The TePe Compact Tuft brush is a brush with a tuft of densely packed bristles that are meant to scrub the tooth surface and around the bracket. This brush is excellent for buffing away any stains that may accumulate around the orthodontic brackets.
TePe Compact Tuft™
4. Interdental Brush: Interdental brushes were designed to clean between the teeth but are also great to use between the brackets! TePe has a green interdental brush in the angle line that helps to reach the brackets in the back of the mouth and will clean under the wire. This will help push out any food and also disrupt plaque that can sit in this area.
Interdental Brush
These products are a great start to proper home care during your time in orthodontics. You will find, over time, certain products will work best for you in the beginning and then as your teeth move and change, you may need to adapt and use different products, or even add products to your routine.

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