TePe Mini™ Toothbrush

TePe toothbrushes for children have extra soft or soft bristles and a small, tapered brush head to fit small mouths. The handle suits a small hand, and it is also convenient for the adult helping the child to brush. Bright colors and nice prints make toothbrushing more fun.


With TePe Mini™ it is easy to start brushing from the very first tooth. It is recommended for children from 0 to 3 years of age.

TePe offers different sizes of toothbrushes for the different stages of growth. For your child, you can get started with the TePe Mini™ toothbrush, developed for use from the first tooth to the age of 3 years old. Once your child continues to grow, you can transition to the TePe Kids™ toothbrush. This video will guide you in understanding the features of the product and how to use the toothbrush.

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