Why become a TePe Prescription Center?

Help your patients get the products they need through your practice, where you are already recommending them.

Learn how becoming a TePe Prescription Center can benefit you and your patients. TePe Prescription Center program was developed for dental offices and independent pharmacies interested in retailing TePe products to their patients, satisfying patients needs right there and then. With your help, we can help more patients keep their smiles for life.

Receive most competitive pricing

With a very low initial investment, you can generate incremental revenue to your practice. As an introduction, your first order will be at 50% OFF retail prices after which TePe Prescription Center pricing will apply.

Enjoy the additional benefit of TePe Affiliate program

Once you become a TePe Prescription Center, you will also become a part of our Affiliate Program. TePe will provide you with links to be used in your digital channels, allowing you to link patients to TePe and earn your share on all purchases made via the affiliate links. You will be able to track your earnings through your own dashboard with login and password.

TePe will drive demand to your practice

Once you become a TePe Prescription Center, you will be listed on our website. Our online customers will be directed to your practice if listed as the nearest TePe location.

TePe USA will continuously promote TePe Prescription Centers on social media and other digital channels, driving demand to your practice.

Receive highest priority regarding education, sampling and marketing collateral

TePe will provide necessary educational material and collaterals, to help you further educate your patients.

As TePe Prescription Center, you can also enjoy the benefits of the TePe Referral App

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How to get started?

Start by filling in the interest form and one of our representatives will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Select one of the 5 Starter Packs you are interested in. The Starter Packs are made up of our best sellers and are delivered with a TePe floor or table top stand and doesn‘t require additional shelfing space on your part.