New Year; New Beginnings

Are you someone who likes to make goals when the new year approaches? Do you take time to reflect? The purpose of creating goals is usually to improve your life and bring more fulfillment. It can be tough, but the goals are often important. Let us face the challenge with renewed hope that comes with a fresh start!

Have you considered making goals related to a healthy smile? Your smile not only brings you confidence, but your teeth allow you to chew and speak properly. Each tooth in your mouth provides a different function.

  • Molars and Premolars grind up food properly for digestion with their broad and flat shape, as well as provide support for your facial structure.
  • Canines tear and cut through food with their pointy shape, and they act as a guide when your upper and lower jaw come together.
  • Incisors help you bite into food, give facial structure for your lips and help your tongue pronounce words.

Now that you know how important your teeth are, here are some ideas for improving your dental health at home.

  1. Reflect on your current routine. When you think about your daily oral hygiene habits what do they consist of? What oral hygiene tools are working well for you? What areas of your mouth are difficult to clean? Are there special tools available that could assist you? How long do you brush your teeth for? After completing your routine, try moving your tongue around to check for cleanliness.
  2. List things that you could do differently. Although every mouth is different and your home care regimen should be unique to you, here are some basic guidelines to remember. Brush twice a day for 2 minutes and clean between your teeth daily.
  3. Explore different oral hygiene tools available. Perhaps flossing is too difficult for you to accomplish, so have you considered interdental brushes or TePe’s EasyPick? Do your toothbrush bristles slightly extend under your gum line? Consider trying a different type of toothbrush. Know your mouth. For example, if you are missing teeth or have a prosthesis, like a bridge or implant, there are specialty brushes that can help you increase your access to removing plaque effectively.
  4. Start one day at a time. Think about what will work for you. Set timers or reminders on your phone. It takes time to develop habits.

Remember your teeth are not only about appearance and facial structure, they help us chew, speak and a healthy smile will bring you confidence. Start using TePe products to help you achieve your oral health goals for 2020!

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